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All for TIGERS! - Welcome!

This site is dedicated to the tigers of the world. They are some of the most beautiful, graceful, and powerful animals on earth and they are being slaughtered to the point of extinction. There are five tiger subspecies left out of the original eight. Current estimates range between 5,000 to 7,500 tigers are left in the wild today. There is no way of telling how accurate these numbers are and it's feared that the actual number of tigers in the world today is much lower. Some estimate that the remaining tiger population will be totally eradicated by the turn of the century or soon after. This site is here to provide information on tigers, pictures, and links to other sites dealing with tigers and how to help them survive. We must do everything we can to save the tigers!

Visit VotK and help rescued tigers and other animals at Valley of the Kings Sanctuary and Retreat.

Visit the AfT! Store and help the animals at VOTK.

Read the journal entries of Mr. Parth Sharma from his participation in the 1997 Tiger Census in India.

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Take a few minutes to view the Missing Kids applet from the NCMEC. Can you help bring a child home?

All for TIGERS!